26 Apr 2015

Dazzle - Indian Contemporary Neckpiece

I know I know its almost a month and I have not been posting anything..Well, I am just busy being HOT these days. Summer is India is not much fascinating. The temperature goes high up to 45 degree C in the region I belong. So, its tough to go out and find some inspiration. No jewelry parties. No beads hunting. Long working hours which ends up in frustration and it kills creative thoughts.

The only inspiration for me are the flowers and trees I see when I am on my early morning walk. These colorful flowers asked to me create something on Jungle theme and yes I have been sketching designs now and then which is - colorful plus peaceful and of course Green.

Anyway, somehow I managed to create few pieces of Indian Contemporary jewelry. As promised, it is a collection of mixed media wire jewelry and Yes, everything is shiny and glittery. Now let me show you the glitter folks :)

Wine Blaze - A brownish orange candy bead is finely wrapped with gold plated brass wire and small golden beads. Delicate golden diamond bead is settled on center on giant candy bead and it comes with a golden simple chain which has a customized clasp created with golden beads.

Moon Flare Necklace -  This long necklace of amazing blue beads carries a handcrafted wire woven pendent and neon beads. The focal has large white oval bead and a silver wire rose. Bright and ethnic, this necklace is perfect for an evening party.

Classic Neck piece - Dark green stone wrapped around with brass wire to give it a classic look. Wirework is performed with antique copper color beads and a golden diamond bead. Pendent comes with an antique handcrafted chain which has copper beads incorporated and a customized diamond bead clasp.

 Pourpre Bliss - A French and German word meaning mixture of red and blue shades resulting on a shade tilting towards pinkish red. It's an not so ethnic and not so western design with wire worked pink and silver pendent. The chocker comes with a butterfly shaped toggle clasp that goes perfectly with the pink focal. Wearing this is a total bliss for the queen.  


Joyous Nightfall - This long, shimmering flushy and glowing necklace created with glamorous blues and stylish pink beads. The golden drums are handcrafted wire elements that adds ethnicity to the string

Subtle Scarlet Necklace - A simple neck piece to match with Indian ethnic wears, created with cherry red stones and white giant bead beautifully weaved with golden wire swirls.


Look into my eyes - A rich blue cabochon is finely wire wrapped with glass beads. The pendent comes with a silver plated chain and customized blue clasp.

That's all for this hot summer day..I have been working on earrings and bracelets also - same into the Dazzle collection. Will be posting them soon. 

Let me know how do you like them.

2 Apr 2015

Bright - Shimmery - Full of glitter Indian jewelry

As I said in my last post Filigree wire jewelry collection , we Indians are fond of bright and shimmery things. Colorful things. The thing we can show off - looks like gold :)

Trying to meet these criteria of likes, I chose all the bright golden stuff from my stash and gold plated wires. Fortunately I had some giant beads having light golden designs on them and a lot of golden tiny flowers in different size. I don't know how it came out exactly, but I just started weaving wires and stringing beads into it.

25 Mar 2015

Filigree - Wire Jewelry Collection

India has a a rich culture of jewels and jewelry, most of them in form of Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry and Meenakari. And apart from these forms, we love Bollywood kinda jewelry, very colorful and bright. We hate dull colors. That's reflected in our home decor to a typical Indian Bride's traditional outfit. Where as if you create wire jewelry, it neither involve the perfect and kinda typical Indian designs nor they are much glittery.

Aishwarya Rai Bacchan wearing traditional Indian Jewelry

10 Mar 2015

Art of Using Color Wheel for Designing Jewelry - 2

Learning about colors is a beautiful journey. When you are able to use Color Wheel Magic, it can help you to create spectacular results while designing bead jewelry. In my previous post Art of Using Color Wheel for Designing Jewelry - 1, we talked about first four basic color combinations/ schemes of using colors. As promised here is remaining two basic color schemes I find interesting.

Basic color wheel

5 Mar 2015

Art of using Color Wheel for designing jewelry - 1

I usually buy beads without any further planning, unless it is about a customized design. And as a result I end up buying bright shades of blue. I don't know why but I fall for blue beads at first site. And it leads me to end up designing so many blue pieces as said in my post The blue magic. If you are facing the same issue, here is the solution. On a boring night, I started exploring about bead manufacturing and that guided me to use of dyes and inorganic colors and from there I stopped on the funda of Color Wheel. Yes, the same, we might have studied in school - Color Wheel by Sir Issac Newton. And yes, you are right, it is no more science for me now, but a tool for color combinations in my jewelry designs.

Basic color wheel